Hooks provided by Backdrop core and the System module.




Namesort descending Description
callback_queue_worker Work on a single queue item.
hook_action_info Declares information about actions.
hook_action_info_alter Alters the actions declared by another module.
hook_admin_paths Define administrative paths.
hook_admin_paths_alter Redefine administrative paths defined by other modules.
hook_ajax_render_alter Alter the commands that are sent to the user through the Ajax framework.
hook_archiver_info Declare archivers to the system.
hook_archiver_info_alter Alter archiver information declared by other modules.
hook_autoload_info Define the paths to classes and interfaces within a module.
hook_autoload_info_alter Perform alterations to the list of classes included in the registry.
hook_backdrop_goto_alter Change the page the user is sent to by backdrop_goto().
hook_batch_alter Alter batch information before a batch is processed.
hook_boot Perform setup tasks for all page requests.
hook_countries_alter Alter the default country list.
hook_cron Perform periodic actions.
hook_cron_queue_info Declare queues holding items that need to be run periodically.
hook_cron_queue_info_alter Alter cron queue information before cron runs.
hook_css_alter Alter CSS files before they are output on the page.
hook_custom_theme Return the machine-readable name of the theme to use for the current page.
hook_disable Perform necessary actions before module is disabled.
hook_element_info Allows modules to declare their own Form API element types and specify their default values.
hook_element_info_alter Alter the element type information returned from modules.
hook_enable Perform necessary actions after module is enabled.
hook_exit Perform cleanup tasks.
hook_file_copy Respond to a file that has been copied.
hook_file_delete Respond to file deletion.
hook_file_download Control access to private file downloads and specify HTTP headers.
hook_file_insert Respond to a file being added.
hook_file_load Load additional information into file entities.
hook_file_mimetype_mapping_alter Alter MIME type mappings used to determine MIME type from a file extension.
hook_file_move Respond to a file that has been moved.
hook_file_predelete Act prior to file deletion.
hook_file_presave Act on a file being inserted or updated.
hook_filetransfer_info Register information about FileTransfer classes provided by a module.
hook_filetransfer_info_alter Alter the FileTransfer class registry.
hook_file_update Respond to a file being updated.
hook_file_url_alter Alter the URL to a file.
hook_file_validate Check that files meet a given criteria.
hook_flush_caches Add a list of cache tables to be cleared.
hook_form_alter Perform alterations before a form is rendered.
hook_form_BASE_FORM_ID_alter Provide a form-specific alteration for shared ('base') forms.
hook_form_FORM_ID_alter Provide a form-specific alteration instead of the global hook_form_alter().
hook_forms Map form_ids to form builder functions.
hook_hook_info Defines one or more hooks that are exposed by a module.
hook_hook_info_alter Alter information from hook_hook_info().
hook_html_head_alter Alter XHTML HEAD tags before they are rendered by backdrop_get_html_head().
hook_image_toolkits Define image toolkits provided by this module.
hook_init Perform setup tasks for non-cached page requests.
hook_install Perform setup tasks when the module is installed.
hook_install_tasks Return an array of tasks to be performed by an installation profile.
hook_install_tasks_alter Alter the full list of installation tasks.
hook_js_alter Perform necessary alterations to the JavaScript before it is presented on the page.
hook_library_info Registers JavaScript/CSS libraries associated with a module.
hook_library_info_alter Alters the JavaScript/CSS library registry.
hook_mail Prepare a message based on parameters; called from backdrop_mail().
hook_mail_alter Alter an email message created with the backdrop_mail() function.
hook_menu Define menu items and page callbacks.
hook_menu_alter Alter the data being saved to the {menu_router} table after hook_menu is invoked.
hook_menu_breadcrumb_alter Alter links in the active trail before it is rendered as the breadcrumb.
hook_menu_contextual_links_alter Alter contextual links before they are rendered.
hook_menu_get_item_alter Alter a menu router item right after it has been retrieved from the database or cache.
hook_menu_link_alter Alter the data being saved to the {menu_links} table by menu_link_save().
hook_menu_link_delete Inform modules that a menu link has been deleted.
hook_menu_link_insert Inform modules that a menu link has been created.
hook_menu_link_update Inform modules that a menu link has been updated.
hook_menu_local_tasks_alter Alter tabs and actions displayed on the page before they are rendered.
hook_menu_site_status_alter Control site status before menu dispatching.
hook_module_implements_alter Alter the registry of modules implementing a hook.
hook_modules_disabled Perform necessary actions after modules are disabled.
hook_modules_enabled Perform necessary actions after modules are enabled.
hook_modules_installed Perform necessary actions after modules are installed.
hook_modules_preenable Perform necessary actions before modules are enabled.
hook_modules_preinstall Perform necessary actions before modules are installed.
hook_modules_uninstalled Perform necessary actions after modules are uninstalled.
hook_page_delivery_callback_alter Alters the delivery callback used to send the result of the page callback to the browser.
hook_permission Define user permissions.
hook_query_alter Perform alterations to a structured query.
hook_query_TAG_alter Perform alterations to a structured query for a given tag.
hook_requirements Check installation requirements and do status reporting.
hook_schema Define the current version of the database schema.
hook_schema_alter Perform alterations to existing database schemas.
hook_stream_wrappers Registers PHP stream wrapper implementations associated with a module.
hook_stream_wrappers_alter Alters the list of PHP stream wrapper implementations.
hook_system_info_alter Alter the information parsed from module and theme .info files
hook_system_theme_info Return additional themes provided by modules.
hook_system_themes_page_alter Alters theme operation links.
hook_theme Register a module (or theme's) theme implementations.
hook_theme_registry_alter Alter the theme registry information returned from hook_theme().
hook_timezone_countries_alter Alter the default timezone country list.
hook_token_info Provide information about available placeholder tokens and token types.
hook_token_info_alter Alter the metadata about available placeholder tokens and token types.
hook_tokens Provide replacement values for placeholder tokens.
hook_tokens_alter Alter replacement values for placeholder tokens.
hook_translated_menu_link_alter Alter a menu link after it has been translated and before it is rendered.
hook_uninstall Remove any information that the module sets.
hook_update_dependencies Return an array of information about module update dependencies.
hook_update_last_removed Return a number which is no longer available as hook_update_N().
hook_update_N Perform a single update.
hook_updater_info Provide information on Updaters (classes that can update Backdrop).
hook_updater_info_alter Alter the Updater information array.
hook_url_inbound_alter Alters inbound URL requests.
hook_url_outbound_alter Alters outbound URLs.
hook_watchdog Log an event message.