Namesort descending Location Type Description
backdrop_page_set_cache includes/ function Stores the current page in the cache.
bartik_form_system_theme_settings_alter modules/color/ function Alters the theme settings form for Bartik legacy colors.
bartik_form_system_theme_settings_alter_submit modules/color/ function Submit handler for theme settings form.
drupal_access_denied includes/ function Delivers an "access denied" error to the browser.
drupal_add_css includes/ function Adds a cascading stylesheet to the stylesheet queue.
drupal_add_feed includes/ function Adds a feed URL for the current page.
drupal_add_html_head includes/ function Adds output to the HEAD tag of the HTML page.
drupal_add_html_head_link includes/ function Adds a LINK tag with a distinct 'rel' attribute to the page's HEAD.
drupal_add_http_header includes/ function Sets an HTTP response header for the current page.
drupal_add_js includes/ function Adds a JavaScript file, setting, or inline code to the page.
drupal_add_library includes/ function Adds multiple JavaScript or CSS files at the same time.
drupal_add_tabledrag includes/ function Assists in adding the tableDrag JavaScript behavior to a themed table.
drupal_aggregate_css includes/ function Aggregation callback: Aggregates CSS files and inline content.
drupal_aggregate_js includes/ function Default callback to aggregate JavaScript files.
drupal_alter includes/ function Passes alterable variables to specific hook_TYPE_alter() implementations.
drupal_anonymous_user includes/ function Generates a default anonymous $user object.
drupal_array_get_nested_value includes/ function Retrieves a value from a nested array with variable depth.
drupal_array_merge_deep includes/ function Merges multiple arrays, recursively, and returns the merged array.
drupal_array_merge_deep_array includes/ function Merges multiple arrays, recursively, and returns the merged array.
drupal_array_nested_key_exists includes/ function Determines whether a nested array contains the requested keys.
drupal_array_set_nested_value includes/ function Sets a value in a nested array with variable depth.
drupal_array_unset_nested_value includes/ function Unsets a value in a nested array with variable depth.
drupal_attributes includes/ function Converts an associative array to an XML/HTML tag attribute string.
drupal_autoload_class includes/ function Confirms that a class is available.
drupal_autoload_interface includes/ function Confirms that a class is available.
drupal_base64_encode includes/ function Returns a URL-safe, base64 encoded version of the supplied string.
drupal_basename includes/ function Gets the filename from a given path.
drupal_bootstrap includes/ function Ensures Backdrop is bootstrapped to the specified phase.
drupal_build_css_cache includes/ function Aggregates and optimizes CSS files into a cache file in the files directory.
drupal_build_form includes/ function Builds and processes a form for a given form ID.
drupal_build_js_cache includes/ function Aggregates JavaScript files into a cache file in the files directory.
drupal_cache_system_paths includes/ function Cache system paths for a page.
drupal_check_incompatibility includes/ function Checks whether a version is compatible with a given dependency.
drupal_check_module includes/ function Checks a module's requirements.
drupal_check_profile includes/ function Checks an installation profile's requirements.
drupal_chmod includes/ function Sets the permissions on a file or directory.
drupal_clean_css_identifier includes/ function Prepares a string for use as a CSS identifier (element, class, or ID name).
drupal_clear_css_cache includes/ function Deletes old cached CSS files.
drupal_clear_js_cache includes/ function Deletes old cached JavaScript files and variables.
drupal_clear_path_cache includes/ function Clear the path cache.
drupal_common_theme includes/ function Provides theme registration for themes across .inc files.
drupal_convert_to_utf8 includes/ function Converts data to UTF-8.
drupal_cron_run includes/ function Executes a cron run when called.
drupal_current_script_url includes/ function Returns the URL of the current script, with modified query parameters.
drupal_delete_file_if_stale includes/ function Deletes files modified more than a set time ago.
drupal_deliver_html_page includes/ function Packages and sends the result of a page callback to the browser as HTML.
drupal_deliver_page includes/ function Delivers a page callback result to the browser in the appropriate format.
drupal_depth_first_search includes/ function Performs a depth-first search and sort on a directed acyclic graph.
drupal_detect_baseurl includes/ function Loads the installation profile, extracting its defined distribution name.
drupal_detect_database_types includes/ function Returns all supported database installer objects that are compiled into PHP.