Menu builder functions for Administration bar.




Namesort descending Description
admin_bar_admin_bar_cache_info Implements hook_admin_bar_cache_info().
admin_bar_expand_args Create the cartesian product of multiple varying sized argument arrays.
_admin_bar_flush_cache Flush all caches or a specific one.
admin_bar_flush_cache Flush all caches or a specific one.
admin_bar_links_account Builds the account links.
admin_bar_links_alert Build alert indicator.
admin_bar_links_icon Build icon menu links; mostly containing maintenance helpers.
admin_bar_links_menu Build the administration bar as renderable menu links.
admin_bar_links_search Build search widget.
admin_bar_links_users Builds user counter.
admin_bar_merge_tree Walk through the entire menu tree and merge in expanded dynamic menu links.
admin_bar_output Build the administration bar output.
admin_bar_theme_settings Form builder function for module settings.
admin_bar_theme_settings_submit Submit handler for admin_bar_theme_settings().
admin_bar_translate Translate an expanded router item into a menu link suitable for rendering.
admin_bar_tree Build the full administration bar tree from static and expanded dynamic items.
admin_bar_tree_dynamic Load menu link trees for router paths containing dynamic arguments.