Functions for form and batch generation and processing.




Namesort descending Description
backdrop_build_form Builds and processes a form for a given form ID.
backdrop_form_submit Retrieves, populates, and processes a form.
backdrop_get_form Returns a renderable form array for a given form ID.
_backdrop_invalid_token_set_form_error Helper function to call form_set_error() if there is a token error.
backdrop_prepare_form Prepares a structured form array.
backdrop_process_form Processes a form submission.
backdrop_rebuild_form Constructs a new $form from the information in $form_state.
backdrop_redirect_form Redirects the user to a URL after a form has been processed.
backdrop_retrieve_form Retrieves the structured array that defines a given form.
backdrop_validate_form Validates user-submitted form data in the $form_state array.
batch_get Retrieves the current batch.
_batch_populate_queue Populates a job queue with the operations of a batch set.
batch_process Processes the batch.
_batch_queue Returns a queue object for a batch set.
batch_set Adds a new batch.
date_validate Validates the date type to prevent invalid dates (e.g., February 30, 2006).
form_builder Builds and processes all elements in the structured form array.
_form_builder_handle_input_element Adds the #name and #value properties of an input element before rendering.
_form_button_was_clicked Determines if a given button triggered the form submission.
form_clear_error Clears all errors against all form elements made by form_set_error().
_form_element_triggered_scripted_submission Detects if an element triggered the form submission via Ajax.
form_error Flags an element as having an error.
form_execute_handlers Executes custom validation and submission handlers for a given form.
form_get_cache Fetches a form from the cache.
form_get_error Returns the error message filed against the given form element.
form_get_errors Returns an associative array of all errors.
form_get_options Returns the indexes of a select element's options matching a given key.
form_load_include Ensures an include file is loaded whenever the form is processed.
_form_options_flatten Iterates over an array and returns a flat array with duplicate keys removed.
form_options_flatten Allows PHP array processing of multiple select options with the same value.
form_pre_render_conditional_form_element Adds additional customization to a form element when its title or description is set.
form_pre_render_fieldset Adds members of this group as actual elements for rendering.
form_process_actions Processes a form actions container element.
form_process_autocomplete Process function to prepare autocomplete data.
form_process_button Processes a form button element.
form_process_checkbox Sets the #checked property of a checkbox element.
form_process_checkboxes Processes a checkboxes form element.
form_process_container Processes a container element.
form_process_date Expands a date element into year, month, and day select elements.
form_process_details Processes a details element.
form_process_fieldset Arranges fieldsets into groups.
form_process_html_datetime Combine html_date and html_time form elements.
form_process_machine_name Processes a machine-readable name form element.
form_process_password_confirm Expand a password_confirm field into two text boxes.
form_process_radios Expands a radios element into individual radio elements.
form_process_select Processes a select list form element.
form_process_tableselect Creates checkbox or radio elements to populate a tableselect table.
form_process_vertical_tabs Creates a group formatted as vertical tabs.
form_process_weight Expands a weight element into a select element.
form_select_options Converts an array of options into HTML, for use in select list form elements.
form_set_cache Stores a form in the cache.
_form_set_class Sets a form element's class attribute.
form_set_error Files an error against a form element.
form_set_value Changes submitted form values during form validation.
form_state_defaults Retrieves default values for the $form_state array.
form_state_keys_no_cache Returns an array of $form_state keys that shouldn't be cached.
form_state_values_clean Removes internal Form API elements and buttons from submitted form values.
form_type_checkboxes_value Determines the value for a checkboxes form element.
form_type_checkbox_value Determines the value for a checkbox form element.
form_type_image_button_value Determines the value for an image button form element.
form_type_password_confirm_value Determines the value for a password_confirm form element.
form_type_radios_value Form value callback: Determines the value for a #type radios form element.
form_type_select_value Determines the value for a select form element.
form_type_tableselect_value Determines the value for a tableselect form element.
form_type_textarea_value Determines the value for a textarea form element.
form_type_textfield_value Determines the value for a textfield form element.
form_type_token_value Determines the value for form's token value.
_form_validate Performs validation on form elements.
form_validate_color Form element validation handler for #type 'color'.
form_validate_email Form element validation handler for #type 'email'.
form_validate_machine_name Form element validation handler for machine_name elements.
form_validate_number Form element validation handler for #type 'number'.
form_validate_url Form element validation handler for #type 'url'.
html_datetime_validate Validate a combined date and time array.
html_date_validate Validate a date string.
html_time_validate Validate a time string.
map_month Renders a month name for display.
password_confirm_validate Validates a password_confirm element.
theme_button Returns HTML for a button form element.
theme_checkbox Returns HTML for a checkbox form element.
theme_color Returns HTML for a color form element.
theme_container Returns HTML to wrap child elements in a container.
theme_date Returns HTML for a date selection form element.
theme_details Returns HTML to wrap children in a details element.
theme_email Returns HTML for an email form element.
theme_fieldset Returns HTML for a fieldset form element and its children.
theme_file Returns HTML for a file upload form element.
theme_form Returns HTML for a form.
theme_form_element Returns HTML for a form element.
theme_form_element_label Returns HTML for a form element label and required marker.
theme_form_required_marker Returns HTML for a marker for required form elements.
theme_hidden Returns HTML for a hidden form element.
theme_html_date Returns html5 markup for a date input form element.
theme_html_datetime Returns html5 markup for a combined date and time form element.
theme_html_time Returns html5 markup for a time input form element.
theme_image_button Returns HTML for an image button form element.
theme_number Returns HTML for a number form element.
theme_password Returns HTML for a password form element.
theme_radio Returns HTML for a radio button form element.
theme_range Returns HTML for a range form element.
theme_search Returns HTML for a search form element.
theme_select Returns HTML for a select form element.
theme_submit Returns HTML for a submit button form element.
theme_tableselect Returns HTML for a table with radio buttons or checkboxes.
theme_tel Returns HTML for a tel form element.
theme_textarea Returns HTML for a textarea form element.
theme_textfield Returns HTML for a textfield form element.
theme_url Returns HTML for a URL form element.
theme_vertical_tabs Returns HTML for an element's children fieldsets as vertical tabs.
weight_value Sets the value for a weight element, with zero as a default.