Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
_backdrop_set_preferred_header_name includes/ Sets the preferred name for the HTTP header.
backdrop_set_time_limit includes/ Attempts to set the PHP maximum execution time.
backdrop_settings_initialize includes/ Sets the base URL, cookie domain, and session name from configuration.
backdrop_set_title includes/ Sets the title of the current page.
backdrop_show_messages includes/ Determines whether or not messages should be shown on the current page.
_backdrop_shutdown_function includes/ Executes registered shutdown functions.
backdrop_site_offline includes/ Delivers a "site is under maintenance" message to the browser.
backdrop_sort includes/ Sort an array based on user-provided keys within that array.
backdrop_static includes/ Provides central static variable storage.
backdrop_static_reset includes/ Resets one or all centrally stored static variable(s).
backdrop_strip_dangerous_protocols includes/ Strips dangerous protocols (e.g. 'javascript:') from a URI.
backdrop_strlen includes/ Counts the number of characters in a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_strtolower includes/ Lowercase a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_strtoupper includes/ Uppercase a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_substr includes/ Cuts off a piece of a string based on character indices and counts.
backdrop_system_listing includes/ Returns information about system object files (modules, themes, etc.).
backdrop_tempnam includes/ Creates a file with a unique filename in the specified directory.
_backdrop_theme_access includes/ Helper function for determining access to a theme.
backdrop_theme_access includes/ Determines if a theme is available to use.
_backdrop_theme_initialize includes/ Initializes the theme system given already loaded information.
backdrop_theme_initialize includes/ Initializes the theme system by loading the theme.
backdrop_theme_rebuild includes/ Forces the system to rebuild the theme registry.
backdrop_truncate_bytes includes/ Truncates a UTF-8-encoded string safely to a number of bytes.
backdrop_ucfirst includes/ Capitalizes the first letter of a UTF-8 string.
backdrop_uninstall_modules includes/ Uninstalls a given list of disabled modules.
backdrop_uninstall_schema includes/ Removes all tables defined in a module's hook_schema().
backdrop_unlink includes/ Deletes a file.
backdrop_unpack includes/ Unserializes and appends elements from a serialized string.
backdrop_validate_form includes/ Validates user-submitted form data in the $form_state array.
backdrop_validate_utf8 includes/ Checks whether a string is valid UTF-8.
backdrop_valid_http_host includes/ Validates that a hostname (for example $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) is safe.
backdrop_valid_path includes/ Checks a path exists and the current user has access to it.
backdrop_valid_test_ua includes/ Returns the test prefix if this is an internal request from SimpleTest.
backdrop_valid_token includes/ Validates a token based on $value, the user session, and the private key.
backdrop_var_export includes/ Backdrop-friendly var_export().
backdrop_verify_install_file includes/ Verifies the state of the specified file.
backdrop_verify_profile includes/ Verifies an installation profile for installation.
_backdrop_version_compare_convert includes/ Converts a Backdrop version string into numeric-only version string.
backdrop_wrap_mail includes/ Performs format=flowed soft wrapping for mail (RFC 3676).
_backdrop_wrap_mail_line includes/ Wraps words on a single line.
backdrop_write_record includes/ Saves (inserts or updates) a record to the database based upon the schema.
backdrop_xml_parser_create includes/ Prepares a new XML parser.
bartik_css_alter themes/bartik/template.php Prepares variables for page templates.
bartik_field__taxonomy_term_reference themes/bartik/template.php Overrides theme_field__FIELD_TYPE().
bartik_form_system_theme_settings_alter Deprecated modules/color/ Alters the theme settings form for Bartik legacy colors.
bartik_form_system_theme_settings_alter_submit Deprecated modules/color/ Submit handler for theme settings form.
bartik_preprocess_layout themes/bartik/template.php Prepares variables for layout template files.
bartik_preprocess_maintenance_page themes/bartik/template.php Prepares variables for maintenance page templates.
base_path includes/ Returns the base path (i.e., directory) of the Backdrop installation.
basis_breadcrumb themes/basis/template.php Overrides theme_breadcrumb(). Removes » from markup.