Date forms and form themes and validation.

All code used in form editing and processing is in this file, included only during form editing.




Namesort descending Description
date_combo_element_process Process an individual date element.
date_combo_validate Validate and update a combo element.
date_date_popup_pre_validate_alter Implements hook_date_popup_pre_validate_alter().
date_date_select_pre_validate_alter Implements hook_date_select_pre_validate_alter().
date_date_text_pre_validate_alter Implements hook_date_text_pre_validate_alter().
date_default_date Create a date object from a datetime string value.
date_default_value The callback for setting a default value for an empty date field.
date_default_value_part Helper function for the date default value callback to set either 'value' or 'value2' to its default value.
date_element_empty Empty a date element.
_date_element_info Implements hook_element_info().
date_empty_end_date Helper function to clear out end date when not being used.
date_hidden_element Determines if the date element needs to be processed.
date_input_format Determine the input format for this element.
date_local_date Create local date object.
date_parts_element Creates form elements for one or more date parts.
_date_popup_date_format Date popup date format.
_date_popup_date_granularity Date popup date granularity.
_date_popup_datepicker_format_replacements The format replacement patterns for the new datepicker.
date_popup_element_process Javascript popup element processing.
date_popup_element_value_callback Element value callback for date_popup element.
_date_popup_format_to_popup Recreate a date format string so it has the values popup expects.
_date_popup_format_to_popup_time Recreate a time format string so it has the values popup expects.
date_popup_input_date Helper function for extracting a date value out of user input.
_date_popup_process_date_part Process the date portion of the element.
_date_popup_process_time_part Process the time portion of the element.
_date_popup_time_format Date popup time format.
_date_popup_time_formats Allowable time formats.
_date_popup_time_granularity Date popup time granularity.
date_popup_validate Massage the input values back into a single date.
date_select_element_process Flexible date/time drop-down selector.
date_select_element_value_callback Element value callback for date_select element.
date_select_input_date Helper function for creating a date object out of user input.
date_select_validate Validation function for date selector.
date_text_element_process Text date input form.
date_text_element_value_callback Element value callback for date_text element.
date_text_input_date Helper function for creating a date object out of user input.
date_text_validate Validation for text input.
date_timezone_element_process Creates a timezone form element.
date_timezone_element_value_callback Element value callback for date_timezone element.
date_timezone_validate Validation for timezone input.
date_year_range_element_process Process callback which creates a date_year_range form element.
date_year_range_element_value_callback Element value callback for the date_year_range form element.
date_year_range_validate Element validation function for the date_year_range form element.