Base Database API class.

This class provides a Backdrop-specific extension of the PDO database abstraction class in PHP. Every database driver implementation must provide a concrete implementation of it to support special handling required by that database.


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Core systems for the database layer.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
DatabaseConnection::$connectionOptions protected property The connection information for this connection object.
DatabaseConnection::$driverClasses protected property Index of what driver-specific class to use for various operations.
DatabaseConnection::$escapedAliases protected property List of escaped aliases names, keyed by unescaped aliases.
DatabaseConnection::$escapedNames protected property List of escaped database, table, and field names, keyed by unescaped names.
DatabaseConnection::$key protected property The key representing this connection.
DatabaseConnection::$logger protected property The current database logging object for this connection.
DatabaseConnection::$pdo protected property The PDO object that is used for running database queries.
DatabaseConnection::$prefixes protected property The prefixes used by this database connection.
DatabaseConnection::$prefixReplace protected property List of replacement values for use in prefixTables().
DatabaseConnection::$prefixSearch protected property List of search values for use in prefixTables().
DatabaseConnection::$schema protected property The schema object for this connection.
DatabaseConnection::$statementClass protected property The name of the Statement class for this connection.
DatabaseConnection::$target protected property The database target this connection is for.
DatabaseConnection::$temporaryNameIndex protected property An index used to generate unique temporary table names.
DatabaseConnection::$transactionalDDLSupport protected property Whether this database connection supports transactional DDL.
DatabaseConnection::$transactionLayers protected property Tracks the number of "layers" of transactions currently active.
DatabaseConnection::$transactionSupport protected property Whether this database connection supports transactions.
DatabaseConnection::$unprefixedTablesMap protected property List of un-prefixed table names, keyed by prefixed table names.
DatabaseConnection::commit public function Throws an exception to deny direct access to transaction commits.
DatabaseConnection::__construct function
DatabaseConnection::createDatabase abstract public function Creates a database.
DatabaseConnection::databaseType abstract public function Returns the name of the PDO driver for this connection.
DatabaseConnection::dateConvertTimezoneSql abstract public function
DatabaseConnection::dateExtractSql abstract public function Extract part of a date from a date field.
DatabaseConnection::dateFieldSql abstract public function
DatabaseConnection::dateFormatSql abstract public function Format a date field.
DatabaseConnection::dateMathSql abstract public function
DatabaseConnection::defaultOptions protected function Returns the default query options for any given query.
DatabaseConnection::delete public function Prepares and returns a DELETE query object.
DatabaseConnection::destroy public function Destroys this Connection object.
DatabaseConnection::driver abstract public function Returns the type of database driver.
DatabaseConnection::escapeAlias public function Escapes an alias name string.
DatabaseConnection::escapeField public function Escapes a field name string.
DatabaseConnection::escapeLike public function Escapes characters that work as wildcard characters in a LIKE pattern.
DatabaseConnection::escapeTable public function Escapes a table name string.
DatabaseConnection::expandArguments protected function Expands out shorthand placeholders.
DatabaseConnection::filterComment protected function Sanitize a query comment string.
DatabaseConnection::generateTemporaryTableName protected function Generates a temporary table name.
DatabaseConnection::getConnectionOptions public function Returns the connection information for this connection object.
DatabaseConnection::getDriverClass public function Gets the driver-specific override class if any for the specified class.
DatabaseConnection::getKey public function Returns the key this connection is associated with.
DatabaseConnection::getLogger public function Gets the current logging object for this connection.
DatabaseConnection::getTarget public function Returns the target this connection is associated with.
DatabaseConnection::getUnprefixedTablesMap public function Gets a list of individually prefixed table names.
DatabaseConnection::hasTimezoneSupport abstract public function
DatabaseConnection::insert public function Prepares and returns an INSERT query object.
DatabaseConnection::inTransaction public function Determines if there is an active transaction open.
DatabaseConnection::makeComment public function Flatten an array of query comments into a single comment string.
DatabaseConnection::makeSequenceName public function Creates the appropriate sequence name for a given table and serial field.
DatabaseConnection::mapConditionOperator abstract public function Gets any special processing requirements for the condition operator.
DatabaseConnection::merge public function Prepares and returns a MERGE query object.
DatabaseConnection::nextId abstract public function Retrieves an unique id from a given sequence.
DatabaseConnection::parseDatabaseUrl public static function Parse a database URL per the rules of the particular driver.
DatabaseConnection::popCommittableTransactions protected function Internal function: commit all the transaction layers that can commit.
DatabaseConnection::popTransaction public function Decreases the depth of transaction nesting.
DatabaseConnection::prefixTables public function Appends a database prefix to all tables in a query.
DatabaseConnection::prepare public function Provides a pass-through to the PDO prepare method.
DatabaseConnection::prepareQuery public function Prepares a query string and returns the prepared statement.
DatabaseConnection::pushTransaction public function Increases the depth of transaction nesting.
DatabaseConnection::query public function Executes a query string against the database.
DatabaseConnection::queryRange abstract public function Runs a limited-range query on this database object.
DatabaseConnection::queryTemporary abstract function Runs a SELECT query and stores its results in a temporary table.
DatabaseConnection::quote public function Provides a wrapper for the quote() function from the PDO object.
DatabaseConnection::rollback public function Rolls back the transaction entirely or to a named savepoint.
DatabaseConnection::schema public function Returns a DatabaseSchema object for manipulating the schema.
DatabaseConnection::select public function Prepares and returns a SELECT query object.
DatabaseConnection::setKey public function Tells this connection object what its key is.
DatabaseConnection::setLogger public function Associates a logging object with this connection.
DatabaseConnection::setPrefix protected function Set the list of prefixes used by this database connection.
DatabaseConnection::setSessionTimezoneOffset abstract public function Set the session timezone by offset.
DatabaseConnection::setTarget public function Tells this connection object what its target value is.
DatabaseConnection::startTransaction public function Returns a new DatabaseTransaction object on this connection.
DatabaseConnection::supportsTransactionalDDL public function Determines if this driver supports transactional DDL.
DatabaseConnection::supportsTransactions public function Determines if this driver supports transactions.
DatabaseConnection::tablePrefix public function Find the prefix for a table.
DatabaseConnection::transactionDepth public function Determines current transaction depth.
DatabaseConnection::truncate public function Prepares and returns a TRUNCATE query object.
DatabaseConnection::update public function Prepares and returns an UPDATE query object.
DatabaseConnection::utf8mb4IsActive public function Checks whether utf8mb4 support is currently active.
DatabaseConnection::utf8mb4IsSupported public function Checks whether utf8mb4 support is available on the current database system.
DatabaseConnection::version public function Returns the version of the database server.