Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
backdrop_pre_render_styles includes/ Pre-render callback: Adds the elements needed for CSS tags to be rendered.
backdrop_process_attached includes/ Adds attachments to a render() structure.
backdrop_process_form includes/ Processes a form submission.
backdrop_process_states includes/ Adds JavaScript to change the state of an element based on another element.
backdrop_random_bytes includes/ Returns a string of highly randomized bytes (over the full 8-bit range).
backdrop_random_key includes/ Returns a URL-safe, base64 encoded string of highly randomized bytes (over the full 8-bit range).
backdrop_realpath includes/ Resolves the absolute filepath of a local URI or filepath.
backdrop_rebuild_form includes/ Constructs a new $form from the information in $form_state.
backdrop_redirect_form includes/ Redirects the user to a URL after a form has been processed.
backdrop_region_class includes/ Provides a standard HTML class name that identifies a page region.
backdrop_register_shutdown_function includes/ Registers a function for execution on shutdown.
backdrop_render includes/ Renders HTML given a structured array tree.
backdrop_render_cache_by_query includes/ Prepares an element for caching based on a query.
backdrop_render_cache_get includes/ Gets the rendered output of a renderable element from the cache.
backdrop_render_cache_set includes/ Caches the rendered output of a renderable element.
backdrop_render_children includes/ Renders children of an element and concatenates them.
backdrop_render_cid_create includes/ Creates the cache ID for a renderable element.
backdrop_render_cid_parts includes/ Returns cache ID parts for building a cache ID.
backdrop_render_collect_attached includes/ Collects #attached for an element and its children into a single array.
_backdrop_render_exception_safe includes/ Renders an exception error message without further exceptions.
backdrop_render_page includes/ Renders the page, including the HTML, HEAD, and BODY tags.
backdrop_required_modules includes/ Returns an array of modules required by core.
backdrop_requirements_severity includes/ Extracts the highest severity from the requirements array.
backdrop_requirements_url includes/ Returns a URL for proceeding to the next page after a requirements problem.
backdrop_retrieve_form includes/ Retrieves the structured array that defines a given form.
backdrop_rewrite_settings includes/ Replaces values in settings.php with values in the submitted array.
backdrop_rmdir includes/ Removes a directory.
backdrop_save_session includes/ Determines whether to save session data of the current request.
backdrop_scan_directories includes/
backdrop_schema_fields_sql includes/ Retrieves a list of fields from a table schema.
_backdrop_schema_initialize includes/ Fills in required default values for table definitions from hook_schema().
backdrop_send_headers includes/ Sends the HTTP response headers that were previously set, adding defaults.
backdrop_serve_page_from_cache includes/ Sets HTTP headers in preparation for a cached page response.
_backdrop_session_close includes/ Session handler assigned by session_set_save_handler().
backdrop_session_commit includes/ Commits the current session, if necessary.
_backdrop_session_delete_cookie includes/ Deletes the session cookie.
_backdrop_session_destroy includes/ Session handler assigned by session_set_save_handler().
backdrop_session_destroy_uid includes/ Ends a specific user's session(s).
_backdrop_session_garbage_collection includes/ Session handler assigned by session_set_save_handler().
backdrop_session_initialize includes/ Initializes the session handler, starting a session if needed.
_backdrop_session_open includes/ Session handler assigned by session_set_save_handler().
_backdrop_session_read includes/ Reads an entire session from the database (internal use only).
backdrop_session_regenerate includes/ Called when an anonymous user becomes authenticated or vice-versa.
backdrop_session_start includes/ Starts a session forcefully, preserving already set session data.
backdrop_session_started includes/ Returns whether a session has been started.
_backdrop_session_write includes/ Writes an entire session to the database (internal use only).
backdrop_set_breadcrumb includes/ Sets the breadcrumb trail for the current page.
backdrop_set_installed_schema_version includes/ Update the installed version information for a module.
backdrop_set_length_headers includes/ Set headers for content-length and content-range.
backdrop_set_message includes/ Sets a message to display to the user.