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File name Locationsort descending Namespace Description
authorize.php authorize.php Administrative script for running authorized file operations.
cron.php cron.php Handles incoming requests to fire off regularly-scheduled tasks (cron jobs). drivers/cache_database/ drivers/cache_database/ name = Cache Database description = Support cache bins stored in the database cache_backend[BackdropDatabaseCache] = drivers/cache_null/ drivers/cache_null/ name = NULL Cache description = A dummy cache implementation cache_backend[BackdropNullCache] = drivers/config_database/ name = Database-based configuration description = Store configuration in the database version = BACKDROP_VERSION backdrop = 1.x config_backend[ConfigDatabaseStorage] = drivers/config_database/ drivers/config_file/ name = File-based configuration description = Store configuration in flat files version = BACKDROP_VERSION backdrop = 1.x config_backend[ConfigFileStorage] = drivers/config_file/ drivers/database_mysql/ Database interface code for MySQL database servers. drivers/database_mysql/ name = MySQL Database Driver description = Enable the use of MySQL, MariaDB and similar databases database_driver = mysql database_backend[DatabaseConnection_mysql] = database_backend[DatabaseTasks_mysql] =… drivers/database_mysql/ Installation code for MySQL embedded database engine. drivers/database_mysql/ Query code for MySQL embedded database engine. drivers/database_mysql/ Database schema code for MySQL database servers. includes/ This is the actions engine for executing stored actions. includes/ Functions for use with Backdrop's Ajax framework. includes/ includes/ Shared classes and interfaces for the archiver system. includes/ Helper functions and form handlers used for the authorize.php script. includes/ Batch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests. includes/ Queue handlers used by the Batch API. includes/ includes/ Functions that need to be loaded on every Backdrop request. includes/ Functions and interfaces for cache handling. includes/ Provides a stub cache implementation to be used during installation. includes/ includes/ Common functions that many Backdrop modules will need to reference. includes/ This is the API for configuration storage. includes/database/ includes/database/ Core systems for the database layer. includes/database/ Logging classes for the database layer. includes/database/ Database interface code for engines that need complete control over their result sets. includes/database/ Non-specific Database query code. Used by all engines. includes/database/ Generic Database schema code. includes/database/ includes/ A PHP diff engine for phpwiki. (Taken from phpwiki-1.3.3) includes/ Contains class and interface wrappers for Drupal 7.x compatibility. includes/ Contains constants and function wrappers for Drupal 7.x compatibility. includes/ Functions for error handling. includes/ includes/ API for handling file uploads and server file management. includes/ Provides mimetype mappings. includes/filetransfer/ Base FileTransfer class. includes/filetransfer/ includes/filetransfer/ includes/filetransfer/ includes/ Functions for form and batch generation and processing. includes/ Gettext parsing and generating API. includes/ Directed acyclic graph manipulation.