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Namesort descending Type Namespace Location Description
AccessDeniedTestCase class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests custom access denied functionality.
AdminBarCustomizedTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests customized menu links.
AdminBarDynamicLinksTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests appearance, localization, and escaping of dynamic links.
AdminBarLinkTypesTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests appearance of different types of links.
AdminBarPermissionsTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Tests menu links depending on user permissions.
AdminBarWebTestCase class core/modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test Base class for all administration bar web test cases.
AnonymousUser class core/includes/ Provides a class for managing anonymous users.
ArchiverInterface interface core/includes/ Defines the common interface for all Archiver classes.
ArchiverTar class core/modules/system/ Archiver for .tar files.
ArchiverZip class core/modules/system/ Archiver for .zip files.
Archive_Tar class core/modules/system/
BackdropCacheArray abstract class core/includes/ Provides a caching wrapper to be used in place of large array structures.
BackdropCacheInterface interface core/includes/ Defines an interface for cache implementations.
BackdropDatabaseCache class core/drivers/cache_database/ Defines a default cache implementation.
BackdropDateTime class core/includes/ Extends PHP DateTime class for use with Backdrop.
BackdropDiffFormatter class core/includes/ Backdrop diff formatter which returns diffs as an array.
BackdropFakeCache class core/includes/ Defines a stub cache implementation to be used during installation.
BackdropHTTPSystemInterface interface core/includes/ Defines the BackdropHTTPSystemInterface class interface.
BackdropLocalStreamWrapper abstract class core/includes/ Backdrop stream wrapper base class for local files.
BackdropNullCache class core/drivers/cache_null/ Defines a stub cache implementation.
BackdropPrivateStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop private (private://) stream wrapper class.
BackdropPublicStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop public (public://) stream wrapper class.
BackdropQueue class core/modules/system/ Factory class for interacting with queues.
BackdropQueueInterface interface core/modules/system/
BackdropReliableQueueInterface interface core/modules/system/ Reliable queue interface.
BackdropRequestSanitizerUnitTestCase class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests request sanitation used in early bootstrap.
BackdropSetMessageTest class core/modules/system/tests/system.test Tests backdrop_set_message() and related functions.
BackdropStreamWrapperInterface interface core/includes/ Backdrop stream wrapper extension.
BackdropSystemListingCompatibleTestCase class profiles/testing/modules/backdrop_system_listing_compatible_test/backdrop_system_listing_compatible_test.test Helper to verify tests in installation profile modules.
BackdropTemporaryStreamWrapper class core/includes/ Backdrop temporary (temporary://) stream wrapper class.
BackdropTestCase abstract class core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Base class for Backdrop tests.
BackdropUnitTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Test case for Backdrop unit tests.
BackdropUpdateException class core/includes/ @class Exception class used to throw error if a module update fails.
BackdropUpdaterInterface interface core/includes/ Interface for a class which can update a Backdrop project.
BackdropWebTestCase class core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php Test case for typical Backdrop tests.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache class core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Class for setting up a full installation profile for caching purposes.
BatchMemoryQueue class core/includes/ Defines a batch queue for non-progressive batches.
BatchQueue class core/includes/ Defines a batch queue.
Block class core/modules/layout/includes/ @file A class that wraps around a block to store settings information.
BlockBroken class core/modules/layout/includes/ A class used for blocks when their providing module or delta does not exist.
BlockHero class core/modules/layout/includes/ BlockHero extends BlockText
BlockLegacy class core/modules/layout/includes/ @file Class that wraps around legacy hook_block_view/config/save() hooks.
BlockTestCase class core/modules/block/tests/block.test
BlockText class core/modules/layout/includes/ TextBlock extends Block
BlockTranslationTestCase class core/modules/block/tests/block.translation.test
BookTestCase class core/modules/book/tests/book.test Tests the functionality of the Book module.
CKEditorTestCase class core/modules/ckeditor/tests/ckeditor.test
Color class core/includes/ Performs color conversions.
ColorTestCase class core/modules/color/tests/color.test Tests the Color module functionality.
Comment class core/modules/comment/ Defines the comment entity class.