Taxonomy vocabularies allow the grouping of taxonomy terms.

This class is responsible for saving and storing configuration files for vocabularies.


Expanded class hierarchy of TaxonomyVocabulary


modules/taxonomy/, line 8


Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Modifiers Typesort ascending Description
TaxonomyVocabulary::$description public property (optional) Description of the vocabulary.
TaxonomyVocabulary::$hierarchy public property The type of hierarchy allowed within the vocabulary.
TaxonomyVocabulary::$language public property The language configuration for the vocabulary.
TaxonomyVocabulary::$machine_name public property The vocabulary machine name.
TaxonomyVocabulary::$name public property Human-readable of the vocabulary.
TaxonomyVocabulary::$weight public property (optional) The weight of this vocabulary in relation to other vocabularies.
TaxonomyVocabulary::__construct function
TaxonomyVocabulary::delete function Deletes a taxonomy vocabulary.
TaxonomyVocabulary::save function Saves a taxonomy vocabulary to configuration.