admin_bar.test in modules/admin_bar/tests/admin_bar.test
Tests for the Administration bar module.
backdrop_autoload in includes/
Confirms that a class is available.
_backdrop_bootstrap_configuration in includes/
Sets up the script environment and loads settings.php.
BackdropWebTestCase::refreshVariables in modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php
Refresh the in-memory set of variables and state values. Useful after a page request is made that changes a variable in a different thread.
ColorTestCase::setUp in modules/color/tests/color.test
Sets up a Backdrop site for running functional and integration tests.
ConfigDatabaseStorage::exportArchive in drivers/config_database/
Export an archive of configuration files from the config storage managed by this object.
ConfigDatabaseStorage::importArchive in drivers/config_database/
Import an archive of configuration files into the config storage managed by this object.
config_export_single_form in modules/config/
Form callback; Builds the form for exporting a single configuration file.
ConfigFileStorage::importArchive in drivers/config_file/
Import an archive of configuration files into the config storage managed by this object.
config_get_config_storage_handlers in includes/
Collect a list of classes for each "type" (e.g., db or file).
config_import_single_form in modules/config/
Form callback; Build the form to import a single configuration file.
Config::save in includes/
Saves the configuration object.
config_sync_batch in modules/config/
Return an array for setting up a Batch API job to sync all configuration.
config_sync_form in modules/config/
Form callback; Build the form for syncing all staged configuration.
config_sync_form_submit in modules/config/
Submit handler for config_sync_form().
ConfigurationHooksTest::testHooks in modules/config/tests/config.test
Tests checking the validation hooks.
ConfigurationTest::testOverrideConfig in modules/config/tests/config.test
Tests that a config setting can be overidden.
hook_language_negotiation_info_alter in modules/system/language.api.php
Perform alterations on language negoiation providers.
language_negotiation_configure_form_table in modules/locale/
Helper function to build a language provider table.
language_negotiation_info in includes/
Returns all the defined language negotiation providers.
locale_language_negotiation_info in modules/locale/locale.module
Implements hook_language_negotiation_info().
system_admin_drivers_page in modules/system/
system_update_1032 in modules/system/system.install
Enable config module.
user_form_process_password in modules/user/user.module
Form element process handler for client-side password hide/show and strength.
_views_ui_get_operations in modules/views_ui/
Given a view, return a list of operations that can be performed on it.
views_ui_render_display_top in modules/views_ui/
Render the top of the display so it can be updated during ajax operations.
watchdog_severity_enabled in includes/
Check if logging is enabled for a given severity level.