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File namesort descending Location Namespace Description modules/field_ui/ type = module name = Field UI description = User interface for the Field API. package = Fields tags[] = Administration tags[] = User Interface version = BACKDROP_VERSION backdrop = 1.x dependencies[] = field
field_ui.module modules/field_ui/field_ui.module Allows administrators to attach custom fields to fieldable types.
field_ui.test modules/field_ui/tests/field_ui.test Tests for field_ui.module. modules/field_ui/tests/ [FieldUIManageFieldsTestCase] name = Manage fields description = Test the Field UI "Manage fields" screen. group = Field UI file = field_ui.test [FieldUIManageDisplayTestCase] name = Manage displays description = Test the Field UI… modules/field_ui/ Theme functions for the Field UI module. modules/field/views/ Provide Views data and handlers for field.module.
field_views.test modules/field/tests/field_views.test Tests the Views integration with Field API. modules/file/ Action callbacks for File module.
file.admin.css modules/file/css/file.admin.css Admin stylesheet for file module. modules/file/ Admin page callbacks for the File module.
file.api.php modules/file/file.api.php Hooks for file module. modules/file/ Entity controller and class for files. modules/file/ Field module functionality for the File module. modules/file/ File hooks implemented by the File module. includes/ API for handling file uploads and server file management. modules/file/ type = module name = File description = Defines a file field type. package = Fields tags[] = Content tags[] = File Management tags[] = Media version = BACKDROP_VERSION backdrop = 1.x required = TRUE dependencies[] = field
file.install modules/file/file.install Install, update and uninstall functions for File module. includes/ Provides mimetype mappings.
file.module modules/file/file.module Defines a "managed_file" Form API field and a "file" field for Field module. modules/file/tests/file_module_test/ name = File test description = Provides hooks for testing File module functionality. package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
file_module_test.module modules/file/tests/file_module_test/file_module_test.module Provides File module pages for testing purposes. modules/file/ Supports file operations including Manage and Delete.
file.test modules/simpletest/tests/file.test This provides SimpleTests for the core file handling functionality. These include FileValidateTest and FileSaveTest.
file.test modules/file/tests/file.test Tests for file.module. modules/simpletest/tests/ name = "File test" description = "Support module for file handling tests." package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
file_test.module modules/simpletest/tests/file_test.module Helper module for the file tests. modules/file/tests/ [FileTaxonomyTermTestCase] name = Taxonomy term file test description = Tests adding a file to a non-node entity. group = File file = file.test [FileManagedFileElementTestCase] name = Managed file element test description = Tests the managed_file… modules/simpletest/tests/ Stream wrapper classes used in testing. modules/file/ Theme functions for the File module.
file.tpl.php modules/file/templates/file.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display a file. includes/filetransfer/ Base FileTransfer class.
filetransfer.test modules/simpletest/tests/filetransfer.test modules/file/views/ Provide views data and handlers for file.module.
filter.admin.css modules/filter/css/filter.admin.css /** * Styles used when configuring a text format. */ #filter-order .filter-info { padding: 0 0 0 3em; white-space: normal; } [dir="rtl"] #filter-order .filter-info { padding: 0 3em 0 0; } #filter-order .disabled-row, #filter-order… modules/filter/ Admin page callbacks for the Filter module.
filter.api.php modules/filter/filter.api.php Hooks provided by the Filter module.
filter.css modules/filter/css/filter.css /** * Styles used when displaying a formatted_html field or rich text editor. */ .text-format-wrapper .form-item { margin-bottom: 0; } .text-format-wrapper .form-text { width: 100%; } .filter-wrapper { border-top: 0; margin: 0; padding:…
filter_dialog.test modules/filter/tests/filter_dialog.test Functional tests for the Filter module. modules/filter/tests/ name = 'Filter form test' description = 'Helper module to test filter form validation' package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
filter_formtest.module modules/filter/tests/filter_formtest.module Helper module for FilterEditorLinkValidateTestCase. modules/filter/ type = module name = Filter description = Filters content in preparation for display. package = System tags[] = Filters tags[] = Formats tags[] = Text Editors version = BACKDROP_VERSION backdrop = 1.x required = TRUE configure =…
filter.install modules/filter/filter.install Install, update, and uninstall functions for the Filter module.
filter.module modules/filter/filter.module Framework for handling the filtering of content. modules/filter/ User page callbacks for the Filter module.
filter.test modules/filter/tests/filter.test Tests for filter.module. modules/simpletest/tests/ name = Filter test module description = Tests filter hooks and functions. package = Testing version = BACKDROP_VERSION type = module backdrop = 1.x hidden = TRUE
filter_test.module modules/simpletest/tests/filter_test.module Test module for Filter module hooks and functions not used in core. modules/filter/tests/ [FilterCRUDTestCase] name = Filter CRUD operations description = Test creation, loading, updating, deleting of text formats and filters. group = Filter file = filter.test [FilterAdminTestCase] name = Filter administration functionality description =… modules/filter/ Theme functions for the Filter module.
filter.url-input.txt modules/filter/tests/filter.url-input.txt This is just a paragraph with some urls thrown in and also <code>using the code tag</code>. <blockquote> This is just a paragraph with…