Namesort descending Location Type Description
taxonomy_vocabulary_get_names modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module function Get names for all taxonomy vocabularies.
taxonomy_vocabulary_machine_name_load modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module function Legacy wrapper to return the parents of a term by TID.
user_role_load_by_name modules/user/user.module function Legacy wrapper function preserved for backwards-compatibility. This function is no longer used by Backdrop core, since all roles are loaded by name now. See
variable_del includes/ function Unsets a persistent variable.
variable_get includes/ function Returns a persistent variable.
variable_initialize includes/ function Loads the persistent variable table.
variable_set includes/ function Sets a persistent variable.
views_clean_css_identifier includes/ function Drupal-compatible wrapper for creating safe CSS identifiers.
views_object::options modules/views/includes/ function Set default options on this object. Called by the constructor in a complex chain to deal with backward compatibility.