Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
USER_LOGIN_USERNAME_OR_EMAIL modules/user/user.module Users can login using either username or email address.
USERNAME_MAX_LENGTH modules/user/user.module Maximum length of username text field.
USER_REGISTER_ADMINISTRATORS_ONLY modules/user/user.module Only administrators can create user accounts.
USER_REGISTER_VISITORS modules/user/user.module Visitors can create their own accounts.
USER_REGISTER_VISITORS_ADMINISTRATIVE_APPROVAL modules/user/user.module Visitors can create accounts, but they don't become active without administrative approval.
VERSION includes/ The current system version.
VIEWS_HANDLER_RENDER_TEXT_PHASE_COMPLETELY modules/views/handlers/ Indicator of the render_text() method for rendering the whole element. (if no render_item() method is available).
VIEWS_HANDLER_RENDER_TEXT_PHASE_EMPTY modules/views/handlers/ Indicator of the render_text() method for rendering the empty text.
VIEWS_HANDLER_RENDER_TEXT_PHASE_SINGLE_ITEM modules/views/handlers/ Indicator of the render_text() method for rendering a single item. (If no render_item() is present).
VIEWS_STORAGE_DEFAULT modules/views/views.module Views constant for module-defined views.
VIEWS_STORAGE_NORMAL modules/views/views.module Views constant for user-defined views.
VIEWS_STORAGE_OVERRIDE modules/views/views.module Views constant for views that override module-defined presets.
WATCHDOG_ALERT includes/ Log message severity -- Alert: action must be taken immediately.
WATCHDOG_CRITICAL includes/ Log message severity -- Critical conditions.
WATCHDOG_DEBUG includes/ Log message severity -- Debug-level messages.
WATCHDOG_DEPRECATED includes/ Log message severity -- Deprecated function / feature notices.
WATCHDOG_EMERGENCY includes/ Log message severity -- Emergency: system is unusable.
WATCHDOG_ERROR includes/ Log message severity -- Error conditions.
WATCHDOG_INFO includes/ Log message severity -- Informational messages.
WATCHDOG_NOTICE includes/ Log message severity -- Normal but significant conditions.
WATCHDOG_WARNING includes/ Log message severity -- Warning conditions.