Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Locationsort descending Description
BACKDROP_ROOT ./authorize.php Defines the root directory of the Backdrop installation.
MAINTENANCE_MODE ./authorize.php Global flag to identify update.php and authorize.php runs.
BACKDROP_ROOT ./cron.php Defines the root directory of the Backdrop installation.
MYSQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHARACTER_DEFAULT drivers/database_mysql/ The default character for quoting identifiers in MySQL.
PASS_THROUGH includes/ Flag used to indicate that text has already been sanitized.
LANGUAGE_TYPE_URL includes/ The type of language used for URLs.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIGURATION includes/ First bootstrap phase: initialize configuration.
WATCHDOG_INFO includes/ Log message severity -- Informational messages.
BACKDROP_MINIMUM_PHP includes/ Minimum supported version of PHP.
BACKDROP_VERSION includes/ The current system version.
WATCHDOG_WARNING includes/ Log message severity -- Warning conditions.
LANGUAGE_NONE includes/ The language code used when no language is explicitly assigned.
BACKDROP_PHP_FUNCTION_PATTERN includes/ Regular expression to match PHP function names.
WATCHDOG_ALERT includes/ Log message severity -- Alert: action must be taken immediately.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_HEADER includes/ Seventh bootstrap phase: set up the page header.
ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_ALL includes/ Error reporting level: display all messages.
CACHE_TEMPORARY includes/ Indicates that the item should be removed at the next general cache wipe.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_LANGUAGE includes/ Eighth bootstrap phase: find out language of the page.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_VARIABLES includes/ Fifth bootstrap phase: initialize the variable system.
BACKDROP_MINIMUM_PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT includes/ Minimum recommended value of PHP memory_limit.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_CACHE includes/ Second bootstrap phase: try to serve a cached page.
BACKDROP_CORE_COMPATIBILITY includes/ Core API compatibility.
BACKDROP_KILOBYTE includes/ The number of bytes in a kilobyte.
LANGUAGE_SYSTEM includes/ System language (only applicable to UI).
LANGUAGE_TYPE_INTERFACE includes/ The type of language used to select the user interface.
LANGUAGE_TYPE_CONTENT includes/ The type of language used to define the content language.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_SESSION includes/ Sixth bootstrap phase: initialize session handling.
LANGUAGE_LTR includes/ Language written left to right. Possible value of $language->direction.
WATCHDOG_ERROR includes/ Log message severity -- Error conditions.
WATCHDOG_CRITICAL includes/ Log message severity -- Critical conditions.
LANGUAGE_RTL includes/ Language written right to left. Possible value of $language->direction.
WATCHDOG_NOTICE includes/ Log message severity -- Normal but significant conditions.
REQUEST_TIME includes/ Time of the current request in seconds elapsed since the Unix Epoch.
WATCHDOG_EMERGENCY includes/ Log message severity -- Emergency: system is unusable.
BACKDROP_AUTHENTICATED_ROLE includes/ Role ID for authenticated users.
CHECK_PLAIN includes/ Flag used to indicate that text is not sanitized, so run check_plain().
BACKDROP_ANONYMOUS_ROLE includes/ Role ID for anonymous users.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_FULL includes/ Final bootstrap phase: Backdrop is fully loaded; validate and fix input data.
CACHE_PERMANENT includes/ Indicates that the item should never be removed unless explicitly selected.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASE includes/ Third bootstrap phase: initialize database layer.
BACKDROP_BOOTSTRAP_LOCK includes/ Fourth bootstrap phase: initialize the lock system.
ERROR_REPORTING_HIDE includes/ Error reporting level: display no errors.
ERROR_REPORTING_DISPLAY_SOME includes/ Error reporting level: display errors and warnings.
WATCHDOG_DEBUG includes/ Log message severity -- Debug-level messages.
WATCHDOG_DEPRECATED includes/ Log message severity -- Deprecated function / feature notices.
BACKDROP_CACHE_CUSTOM includes/ The block is handling its own caching in its hook_block_view().
BACKDROP_NO_CACHE includes/ The block should not get cached.
BACKDROP_CACHE_PER_ROLE includes/ The block or element can change depending on the user's roles.
HTTP_REQUEST_TIMEOUT includes/ Error code indicating that the request exceeded the specified timeout.
BACKDROP_CACHE_GLOBAL includes/ The block or element is the same for every user and page that it is visible.