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Namesort descending Type Namespace Location Description
ImageStylesPathAndUrlUnitTest class modules/image/tests/image.test Tests the functions for generating paths and URLs for image styles.
ImageThemeFunctionWebTestCase class modules/image/tests/image.test Tests image theme functions.
InfoFileCoreTest class modules/system/tests/system.test Ensures that all info files have expected contents.
InfoFileParserTestCase class modules/system/tests/system.test
InsertQuery class includes/database/ General class for an abstracted INSERT query.
InsertQuery_mysql class drivers/database_mysql/
InstallerBrowserAdministrationTestCase class modules/installer/tests/installer.test Administration tests for Project Browser.
InstallerTestUploadCase class modules/installer/tests/installer.test
InvalidMergeQueryException class includes/database/ Exception thrown for merge queries that do not make semantic sense.
LanguageLayoutAccess class modules/layout/plugins/access/
LanguageListTest class modules/language/tests/language.test Functional tests for the language list configuration forms.
Layout class modules/layout/includes/ @file Class for loading, modifying, and executing a layout.
LayoutAccess class modules/layout/plugins/access/ @file Class for loading, modifying, and saving a layout access rule (condition).
LayoutAccessBroken class modules/layout/plugins/access/ A class to be used for contexts whose handler cannot be found.
LayoutAccessNegatable class modules/layout/plugins/access/ A common base class used for access handlers that may be negated.
LayoutBlockTest class modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests the blocks title, content, and display settings.
LayoutBlockTextTest class modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests the BlockTest (custom text) block functionality.
LayoutBlockUsageTestCase class modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests layout_get_block_usage().
LayoutContext abstract class modules/layout/plugins/context/ @file Class that holds information relating to a layouts context.
LayoutContextBroken class modules/layout/plugins/context/ A class to be used for contexts whose handler cannot be found.
LayoutException class modules/layout/includes/ General exceptions thrown by Layout module.
LayoutHandler abstract class modules/layout/includes/ @file Base classes used by all Layout handlers.
LayoutHandlerBroken class modules/layout/includes/ Handler to hold configuration of handlers that seemingly have been removed.
LayoutHookTestCase class modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests invocation of hooks when performing an action.
LayoutInterfaceTest class modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests the interface for adding, removing, and moving blocks.
LayoutMenuItem class modules/layout/includes/ @file Class for storing information about menu item entries.
LayoutMissingException class modules/layout/includes/ Exceptions thrown when a layout cannot be loaded.
LayoutOverridesPathContext class modules/layout/plugins/context/ Pass-through context used when an unknown argument is encountered.
LayoutRendererEditor class modules/layout/plugins/renderers/
LayoutRendererStandard class modules/layout/plugins/renderers/ The standard render for a Layout display object.
LayoutSaveException class modules/layout/includes/ Exceptions thrown while attempting to save a layout.
LayoutSelectionTest class modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests that the correct layout is used in various situations.
LayoutStringContext class modules/layout/plugins/context/ Pass-through context used when an unknown argument is encountered.
LayoutStyle class modules/layout/plugins/styles/ @file Class providing forms and settings for the default Layout block style.
LayoutStyleDynamic class modules/layout/plugins/styles/ @file Class providing forms and settings for the default Layout block style.
LayoutUpdater class modules/system/ Class for updating layouts using FileTransfer classes via authorize.php.
LayoutUpgradePathTest class modules/layout/tests/layout.test Tests the upgrade path from block-based regions to layouts.
LinkAttributeCrudTest class modules/link/tests/link.attribute.test
LinkBaseTestClass class modules/link/tests/link.test
LinkTokenTest class modules/link/tests/link.token.test Testing that tokens can be used in link titles
LinkUITest class modules/link/tests/link.ui.test Testing that users can not input bad URLs or labels
LinkValidateTest class modules/link/tests/link.validate.test
LinkValidateUnitTest class modules/link/tests/link.validate.test A series of tests of links, only going against the link_validate_url function in link.module.
ListDynamicValuesTestCase class modules/field/modules/list/tests/list.test Sets up a List field for testing allowed values functions.
ListDynamicValuesValidationTestCase class modules/field/modules/list/tests/list.test Tests the List field allowed values function.
ListFieldTestCase class modules/field/modules/list/tests/list.test Tests for the 'List' field types.
ListFieldUITestCase class modules/field/modules/list/tests/list.test List module UI tests.
LocaleBrowserDetectionTest class modules/locale/tests/locale.test Test browser language detection.
LocaleCommentLanguageFunctionalTest class modules/locale/tests/locale.test Functional tests for comment language.
LocaleConfigurationTest class modules/locale/tests/locale.test Functional tests for language configuration's effect on negotiation setup.