1. 1.7.x modules/views/includes/view.inc views_objects
  2. 1.10.x core/modules/views/includes/view.inc views_objects
  3. 1.8.x modules/views/includes/view.inc views_objects
  4. 1.9.x modules/views/includes/view.inc views_objects

These objects are the core of Views do the bulk of the direction and storing of data. All database activity is in these objects.


modules/views/includes/view.inc, line 8
Provides the view object type and associated methods.


Namesort descending Location Description
view modules/views/includes/view.inc An object to contain all of the data to generate a view, plus the member functions to build the view query, execute the query and render the output.
views_display modules/views/includes/view.inc A display type in a view.