1. 1.16.x modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php BackdropUnitTestCase
  2. 1.17.x modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php BackdropUnitTestCase
  3. 1.18.x modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php BackdropUnitTestCase

Test case for Backdrop unit tests.

These tests can not access the database nor files. Calling any Backdrop function that needs the database will throw exceptions. These include watchdog(), module_implements(), module_invoke_all() etc.


Expanded class hierarchy of BackdropUnitTestCase


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
BackdropTestCase::$assertions protected property Assertions thrown in that test case.
BackdropTestCase::$databasePrefix protected property The database prefix of this test run.
BackdropTestCase::$fileDirectoryName protected property The file directory for this test's files. Usually matches $databasePrefix.
BackdropTestCase::$httpauth_credentials protected property HTTP authentication credentials (<username>:<password>).
BackdropTestCase::$httpauth_method protected property HTTP authentication method
BackdropTestCase::$originalConfigDirectories protected property The original config directory array, before changing for testing purposes.
BackdropTestCase::$originalFileDirectory protected property The original file directory, before it was changed for testing purposes.
BackdropTestCase::$results public property Current results of this test case.
BackdropTestCase::$setup protected property Flag to indicate whether the test has been set up.
BackdropTestCase::$setupDatabasePrefix protected property
BackdropTestCase::$setupEnvironment protected property
BackdropTestCase::$skipClasses protected property This class is skipped when looking for the source of an assertion.
BackdropTestCase::$testId protected property The test run ID.
BackdropTestCase::$timeLimit protected property Time limit for the test.
BackdropTestCase::$verboseDirectoryUrl protected property URL to the verbose output file directory.
BackdropTestCase::assert protected function Internal helper: stores the assert.
BackdropTestCase::assertEqual protected function Check to see if two values are equal.
BackdropTestCase::assertFalse protected function Check to see if a value is false (an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
BackdropTestCase::assertIdentical protected function Check to see if two values are identical.
BackdropTestCase::assertNotEqual protected function Check to see if two values are not equal.
BackdropTestCase::assertNotIdentical protected function Check to see if two values are not identical.
BackdropTestCase::assertNotNull protected function Check to see if a value is not NULL.
BackdropTestCase::assertNull protected function Check to see if a value is NULL.
BackdropTestCase::assertTrue protected function Check to see if a value is not false (not an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
BackdropTestCase::checkRequirements protected function Checks the matching requirements for BackdropTestCase.
BackdropTestCase::deleteAssert public static function Delete an assertion record by message ID.
BackdropTestCase::error protected function Fire an error assertion.
BackdropTestCase::errorHandler public function Handle errors during test runs.
BackdropTestCase::exceptionHandler protected function Handle exceptions.
BackdropTestCase::fail protected function Fire an assertion that is always negative.
BackdropTestCase::generatePermutations public static function Converts a list of possible parameters into a stack of permutations.
BackdropTestCase::getAssertionCall protected function Cycles through backtrace until the first non-assertion method is found.
BackdropTestCase::getDatabaseConnection public static function Returns the database connection to the site running Simpletest.
BackdropTestCase::insertAssert public static function Store an assertion from outside the testing context.
BackdropTestCase::pass protected function Fire an assertion that is always positive.
BackdropTestCase::prepareDatabasePrefix protected function Generates a database prefix for running tests.
BackdropTestCase::randomName public static function Generates a random string containing letters and numbers.
BackdropTestCase::randomString public static function Generates a random string of ASCII characters of codes 32 to 126.
BackdropTestCase::run public function Run all tests in this class.
BackdropTestCase::verbose protected function Logs a verbose message in a text file.
BackdropUnitTestCase::$originalModuleList protected property The list of enabled modules prior to changing for testing.
BackdropUnitTestCase::__construct function Constructor for BackdropUnitTestCase. Overrides BackdropTestCase::__construct
BackdropUnitTestCase::setUp protected function Sets up unit test environment. Overrides BackdropTestCase::setUp
BackdropUnitTestCase::tearDown protected function Clean up any database tables, configuration, or files after each test run. Overrides BackdropTestCase::tearDown