1. 1.7.x modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php BackdropTestCase
  2. 1.10.x core/modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php BackdropTestCase
  3. 1.8.x modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php BackdropTestCase
  4. 1.9.x modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case.php BackdropTestCase

Base class for Backdrop tests.

Do not extend this class, use one of the subclasses in this file.


Expanded class hierarchy of BackdropTestCase


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
BackdropTestCase::assert protected function Internal helper: stores the assert.
BackdropTestCase::assertEqual protected function Check to see if two values are equal.
BackdropTestCase::assertFalse protected function Check to see if a value is false (an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
BackdropTestCase::assertIdentical protected function Check to see if two values are identical.
BackdropTestCase::$assertions protected property Assertions thrown in that test case.
BackdropTestCase::assertNotEqual protected function Check to see if two values are not equal.
BackdropTestCase::assertNotIdentical protected function Check to see if two values are not identical.
BackdropTestCase::assertNotNull protected function Check to see if a value is not NULL.
BackdropTestCase::assertNull protected function Check to see if a value is NULL.
BackdropTestCase::assertTrue protected function Check to see if a value is not false (not an empty string, 0, NULL, or FALSE).
BackdropTestCase::checkRequirements protected function Checks the matching requirements for BackdropTestCase.
BackdropTestCase::__construct public function Constructor for BackdropTestCase.
BackdropTestCase::$databasePrefix protected property The database prefix of this test run.
BackdropTestCase::deleteAssert public static function Delete an assertion record by message ID.
BackdropTestCase::error protected function Fire an error assertion.
BackdropTestCase::errorHandler public function Handle errors during test runs.
BackdropTestCase::exceptionHandler protected function Handle exceptions.
BackdropTestCase::fail protected function Fire an assertion that is always negative.
BackdropTestCase::$fileDirectoryName protected property The file directory for this test's files. Usually matches $databasePrefix.
BackdropTestCase::generatePermutations public static function Converts a list of possible parameters into a stack of permutations.
BackdropTestCase::getAssertionCall protected function Cycles through backtrace until the first non-assertion method is found.
BackdropTestCase::getDatabaseConnection public static function Returns the database connection to the site running Simpletest.
BackdropTestCase::$httpauth_credentials protected property HTTP authentication credentials (<username>:<password>).
BackdropTestCase::$httpauth_method protected property HTTP authentication method
BackdropTestCase::insertAssert public static function Store an assertion from outside the testing context.
BackdropTestCase::$originalConfigDirectories protected property The original config directory array, before changing for testing purposes.
BackdropTestCase::$originalFileDirectory protected property The original file directory, before it was changed for testing purposes.
BackdropTestCase::pass protected function Fire an assertion that is always positive.
BackdropTestCase::prepareDatabasePrefix protected function Generates a database prefix for running tests.
BackdropTestCase::randomName public static function Generates a random string containing letters and numbers.
BackdropTestCase::randomString public static function Generates a random string of ASCII characters of codes 32 to 126.
BackdropTestCase::$results public property Current results of this test case.
BackdropTestCase::run public function Run all tests in this class.
BackdropTestCase::$setup protected property Flag to indicate whether the test has been set up.
BackdropTestCase::setUp protected abstract function Prepare an environment in which tests will be executed.
BackdropTestCase::$setupDatabasePrefix protected property
BackdropTestCase::$setupEnvironment protected property
BackdropTestCase::$skipClasses protected property This class is skipped when looking for the source of an assertion.
BackdropTestCase::tearDown protected abstract function Clean up any database tables, configuration, or files after each test run.
BackdropTestCase::$testId protected property The test run ID.
BackdropTestCase::$timeLimit protected property Time limit for the test.
BackdropTestCase::verbose protected function Logs a verbose message in a text file.