1. 1.12.x modules/layout/templates/block-dynamic.tpl.php
  2. 1.10.x modules/layout/templates/block-dynamic.tpl.php
  3. 1.11.x modules/layout/templates/block-dynamic.tpl.php
  4. 1.7.x modules/layout/templates/block-dynamic.tpl.php
  5. 1.8.x modules/layout/templates/block-dynamic.tpl.php
  6. 1.9.x modules/layout/templates/block-dynamic.tpl.php

Template for outputting the dynamic block styling within a Layout.

This template outputs the same content as the layout-block.tpl.php template, but uses a dynamic value for all its HTML tags. This allows site-builders to customize every aspect of the block markup through the user interface. If you need to customize the output of a block in the theme layer, it may be easier to configure the block to use the default style, and override the simpler block.tpl.php file instead.

Variables available:

  • $wrapper_tag: The HTML tag to be used around the entire block.
  • $classes: Array of classes that should be displayed on the block's wrapper.
  • $attributes: Attributes that should be displayed on this block's wrapper.
  • $title: The title of the block.
  • $title_prefix/$title_suffix: A prefix and suffix for the title tag. This is important to print out as administrative links to edit this block are printed in these variables.
  • $title_tag: The HTML tag to be used on the title of the block.
  • $content_tag: The HTML tag to be used around the content.
  • $content_attributes: Attributes that should be displayed on the content.
  • $content: The actual content of the block.