1.20.x views_handler_field_field.inc views_handler_field_field::set_items($values, $row_id)

Return an array of items for the field.


modules/field/views/views_handler_field_field.inc, line 877
Definition of views_handler_field_field.


A field that displays fieldapi fields.


function set_items($values, $row_id) {
  // In some cases the instance on the entity might be easy, see
  // https://drupal.org/node/1161708 and https://drupal.org/node/1461536 for
  // more information.
  if (empty($values->_field_data[$this->field_alias]) || empty($values->_field_data[$this->field_alias]['entity']) || !isset($values->_field_data[$this->field_alias]['entity']->{$this->definition['field_name']})) {
    return array();

  $display = array(
    'type' => $this->options['type'],
    'settings' => $this->options['settings'],
    'label' => 'hidden',
    // Pass the View object in the display so that fields can act on it.
    'views_view' => $this->view,
    'views_field' => $this,
    'views_row_id' => $row_id,

  $entity_type = $values->_field_data[$this->field_alias]['entity_type'];
  $entity = $this->get_value($values, 'entity');
  if (!$entity) {
    return array();

  $langcode = $this->field_language($entity_type, $entity);
  $render_array = field_view_field($entity_type, $entity, $this->definition['field_name'], $display, $langcode);

  $items = array();
  if ($this->options['field_api_classes']) {
    // Make a copy.
    $array = $render_array;
    return array(array('rendered' => backdrop_render($render_array)));

  foreach (element_children($render_array) as $count) {
    $items[$count]['rendered'] = $render_array[$count];
    // field_view_field() adds an #access property to the render array that
    // determines whether or not the current user is allowed to view the
    // field in the context of the current entity. We need to respect this
    // parameter when we pull out the children of the field array for
    // rendering.
    if (isset($render_array['#access'])) {
      $items[$count]['rendered']['#access'] = $render_array['#access'];
    // Only add the raw field items (for use in tokens) if the current user
    // has access to view the field content.
    if ((!isset($items[$count]['rendered']['#access']) || $items[$count]['rendered']['#access']) && !empty($render_array['#items'][$count])) {
      $items[$count]['raw'] = $render_array['#items'][$count];
  return $items;