1. 1.12.x modules/field/views/field.views.inc
  2. 1.10.x modules/field/views/field.views.inc
  3. 1.11.x modules/field/views/field.views.inc
  4. 1.7.x modules/field/views/field.views.inc
  5. 1.8.x modules/field/views/field.views.inc
  6. 1.9.x modules/field/views/field.views.inc

Provide Views data and handlers for field.module.



Related topics


Namesort descending Description
field_views_data Implements hook_views_data().
field_views_data_alter Implements hook_views_data_alter().
field_views_field_default_views_data Default views data implementation for a field.
field_views_field_label Returns the label of a certain field.
list_field_views_data Have a different filter handler for lists. This should allow to select values of the list.