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Defines the comment entity class.


Expanded class hierarchy of Comment


modules/comment/comment.entity.inc, line 11
Entity controller and class for comments.


Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
Comment::$cid public property The comment ID.
Comment::entityType public function Implements EntityInterface::entityType(). Overrides EntityInterface::entityType
Comment::$homepage public property The comment author's home page address.
Comment::id public function Implements EntityInterface::id(). Overrides EntityInterface::id
Comment::label public function Implements EntityInterface::label(). Overrides EntityInterface::label
Comment::$langcode public property The comment language code.
Comment::$mail public property The comment author's e-mail address.
Comment::$name public property The comment author's name.
Comment::$pid public property The parent comment ID if this is a reply to a comment.
Comment::$subject public property The comment title.
Comment::$uid public property The comment author ID.
Comment::uri public function Implements EntityInterface::uri(). Overrides EntityInterface::uri
Entity::bundle public function Implements EntityInterface::bundle(). Overrides EntityInterface::bundle
Entity::__construct public function Constructs a new entity object. Overrides EntityInterface::__construct
Entity::createDuplicate public function Implements EntityInterface::createDuplicate(). Overrides EntityInterface::createDuplicate
Entity::delete public function Implements EntityInterface::delete(). Overrides EntityInterface::delete
Entity::isNew public function Implements EntityInterface::isNew(). Overrides EntityInterface::isNew
Entity::save public function Implements EntityInterface::save(). Overrides EntityInterface::save