1. 1.12.x modules/book/book.pages.inc
  2. 1.10.x modules/book/book.pages.inc
  3. 1.11.x modules/book/book.pages.inc
  4. 1.7.x modules/book/book.pages.inc
  5. 1.8.x modules/book/book.pages.inc
  6. 1.9.x modules/book/book.pages.inc

User page callbacks for the book module.




Namesort descending Description
book_outline Page callback: Shows the outline form for a single node.
book_outline_form Form constructor for the book outline form.
book_outline_form_submit Form submission handler for book_outline_form().
book_remove_button_submit Form submission handler for book_outline_form().
book_remove_form Form constructor to confirm removal of a node from a book.
book_remove_form_submit Form submission handler for book_remove_form().
book_render Menu callback: Prints a listing of all books.