authorize.php in ./authorize.php
Administrative script for running authorized file operations.
Block::getAdminConditionsPreview in modules/layout/includes/
Return a fieldset listing any visibility conditions set for this block.
book_render in modules/book/
Menu callback: Prints a listing of all books.
callback_batch_finished in modules/system/form.api.php
Complete a batch process.
_config_sync_finished in modules/config/
Batch API callback. Finish the config import.
config_sync_form in modules/config/
Form callback; Build the form for syncing all staged configuration.
date_combo_validate in modules/date/
Validate and update a combo element.
date_select_validate in modules/date/
Validation function for date selector.
date_text_validate in modules/date/
Validation for text input.
entity_query_access_test_sample_query in modules/entity/tests/entity_query_access_test/entity_query_access_test.module
Returns the results from an example EntityFieldQuery.
field_ui_inactive_message in modules/field_ui/
Displays a message listing the inactive fields of a given bundle.
field_ui_view_mode_delete_form in modules/field_ui/
Form builder: Delete a view mode.
field_ui_view_mode_reset_form in modules/field_ui/
Confirm form: Resets a view mode to using the default display.
file_delete_form in modules/file/
Page callback: Form constructor for the file deletion confirmation form.
file_multiple_delete_confirm in modules/file/
Multiple file deletion confirmation form.
file_save_upload in includes/
Saves a file upload to a new location.
install_already_done_error in includes/
Indicates that Backdrop has already been installed.
installer_browser_get_sort_widget in modules/installer/
Returns a themed sort widget for the filters.
installer_manager_download_batch_finished in modules/installer/
Batch callback: Performs actions when the download batch is completed.
layout_block_list in modules/layout/
Menu callback; Lists all blocks and their modules.
_node_mass_update_batch_finished in modules/node/
Menu callback: Reports the status of batch operation for node_mass_update().
node_page_default in modules/node/node.module
Menu callback; Generate a listing of promoted nodes.
path_admin_bulk_delete_confirm in modules/path/
Confirm form for path alias bulk deletion.
path_bulk_update_form_bulk_delete_submit in modules/path/
Submit handler for path_admin_bulk_delete().
redirect_edit_form in modules/redirect/
Form builder to add or edit an URL redirect.
_simpletest_batch_operation in modules/simpletest/simpletest.module
Batch operation callback.
system_modules_confirm_form in modules/system/
Display confirmation form for required modules.
system_modules_uninstall_confirm_form in modules/system/
Confirm uninstall of selected modules.
system_requirements in modules/system/system.install
Implements hook_requirements().
system_transliteration_retroactive_submit in modules/system/
Form submit function; retroactively transliterates existing file names.
_system_utf8mb4_convert_batch_finished in modules/system/
Performs post-processing for node_access_rebuild().
theme_authorize_report in includes/
Returns HTML for a results report of an operation run by authorize.php.
theme_comment_block in modules/comment/
Returns HTML for a list of recent comments.
theme_exposed_filters in modules/system/
Returns HTML for an exposed filter form.
theme_layout_condition_info in modules/layout/
Outputs a list of conditions for a layout. Used in the layout listing page.
theme_pager in includes/
Returns HTML for a query pager.
theme_update_report in modules/update/
Returns HTML for the project status report.
theme_user_list in modules/user/
Returns HTML for a list of users.
theme_views_mini_pager in modules/views/templates/
views_handler_area_result::options_form in modules/views/handlers/
Default options form that provides the label widget that all fields should have.
views_handler_area_text::options_form in modules/views/handlers/
Default options form that provides the label widget that all fields should have.
views_handler_field_field::render_items in modules/field/views/
Render all items in this field together.
views_handler_field::options_form in modules/views/handlers/
Default options form that provides the label widget that all fields should have.
views_handler_field_prerender_list::render in modules/views/handlers/
Render the field.
views_handler_field_prerender_list::render_items in modules/views/handlers/
Render all items in this field together.
views_plugin_display::options_form in modules/views/plugins/
Provide the default form for setting options.
views_ui_analyze_format_result in modules/views_ui/
Format the analyze result into a message string.