The theme system, which controls the output of Backdrop.

The theme system allows for nearly all output of the Backdrop system to be customized by user themes.




Namesort descending Description
backdrop_find_base_themes Find all the base themes for the specified theme.
backdrop_find_theme_functions Allows themes and/or theme engines to discover overridden theme functions.
backdrop_find_theme_templates Allows themes and/or theme engines to discover overridden templates.
_backdrop_theme_access Helper function for determining access to a theme.
backdrop_theme_access Determines if a theme is available to use.
_backdrop_theme_initialize Initializes the theme system given already loaded information.
backdrop_theme_initialize Initializes the theme system by loading the theme.
backdrop_theme_rebuild Forces the system to rebuild the theme registry.
list_themes Returns a list of all currently available themes.
path_to_theme Returns the path to the current themed element.
template_preprocess Adds a default set of variables for variable preprocessors and templates.
template_preprocess_datetime Preprocess variables for theme_datetime().
_template_preprocess_default_variables Returns hook-independent variables to template_preprocess().
template_preprocess_header Preprocess variables for header.tpl.php
template_preprocess_image Preprocess variables for theme_image().
template_preprocess_maintenance_page Prepares variables for maintenance-page templates.
template_preprocess_page Preprocess variables for page.tpl.php
theme Generates themed output.
theme_breadcrumb Returns HTML for a breadcrumb trail.
_theme_build_registry Builds the theme registry cache.
theme_datetime Returns HTML for a date / time.
theme_disable Disables a given list of themes.
theme_dropbutton_wrapper Provide wrapper HTML around dropbutton lists.
theme_enable Enables a given list of themes.
theme_feed_icon Returns HTML for a feed icon.
theme_get_registry Gets the theme registry.
theme_get_setting Retrieves a setting for the current theme or for a given theme.
theme_get_suggestions Generate an array of suggestions from path arguments.
theme_has_color_support Detect if a theme has support for the Color module.
theme_has_settings Detect if a theme has any theme settings.
theme_head_tag Returns HTML for a generic HTML tag with attributes.
theme_help Returns HTML for a help element.
theme_image Returns HTML for an image.
theme_indentation Returns HTML for an indentation div; used for drag and drop tables.
theme_item_list Returns HTML for a list or nested list of items.
theme_link Returns HTML for a link.
theme_links Returns HTML for a set of links.
_theme_load_registry Gets the theme_registry cache; if it doesn't exist, builds it.
theme_mark Returns HTML for a marker for new or updated content.
theme_more_help_link Returns HTML for a "more help" link.
theme_more_link Returns HTML for a "more" link, like those used in blocks.
_theme_process_registry Process a single implementation of hook_theme().
theme_progress_bar Returns HTML for a progress bar.
_theme_registry_callback Sets the callback that will be used by theme_get_registry().
theme_render_template Renders a system default template, which is essentially a PHP template.
_theme_render_template_debug Renders a template for any engine.
_theme_save_registry Writes the theme_registry cache into the database.
theme_status_messages Returns HTML for status and/or error messages, grouped by type.
theme_table Returns HTML for a table.
_theme_table_cell Returns HTML output for a single table cell for theme_table().
theme_tablesort_indicator Returns HTML for a sort icon.


Namesort descending Description
MARK_NEW Mark content as being new.
MARK_READ Mark content as read.
MARK_UPDATED Mark content as being updated.
RESPONSIVE_PRIORITY_LOW A responsive table class; only show table cell on wide devices.
RESPONSIVE_PRIORITY_MEDIUM A responsive table class; hide table cell on narrow devices.


Namesort descending Description
ThemeRegistry Builds the run-time theme registry.