1.20.x schema.inc public DatabaseSchema::findTables($table_expression)

Find all tables that are like the specified base table name.


$table_expression: An SQL expression, for example "simpletest%" (without the quotes). BEWARE: this is not prefixed, the caller should take care of that.

Return value

Array, both the keys and the values are the matching tables.:


includes/database/schema.inc, line 340
Generic Database schema code.


Base class for database schema definitions.


public function findTables($table_expression) {
  $condition = $this->buildTableNameCondition($table_expression, 'LIKE', FALSE);

  $condition->compile($this->connection, $this);
  // Normally, we would heartily discourage the use of string
  // concatenation for conditionals like this however, we
  // couldn't use db_select() here because it would prefix
  // information_schema.tables and the query would fail.
  // Don't use {} around information_schema.tables table.
  return $this->connection->query("SELECT table_name AS table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE " . (string) $condition, $condition->arguments())->fetchAllKeyed(0, 0);