1. 1.12.x includes/anonymous.inc AnonymousUser
  2. 1.10.x includes/anonymous.inc AnonymousUser
  3. 1.11.x includes/anonymous.inc AnonymousUser
  4. 1.7.x includes/anonymous.inc AnonymousUser
  5. 1.8.x includes/anonymous.inc AnonymousUser
  6. 1.9.x includes/anonymous.inc AnonymousUser

Provides a class for managing anonymous users.

This class is not an entity, as fields cannot be added to an anonymous user, it has no URL, and it cannot be saved to the database. Despite this, it includes a large amount of consistency with the normal User class to allow use of the AnonymousUser class in places where different kinds of users are listed together.


Expanded class hierarchy of AnonymousUser


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
AnonymousUser::$cache public property
AnonymousUser::__contruct function Constructor for an anonymous user object.
AnonymousUser::$hostname public property
AnonymousUser::id public function Provides the UID for consistency with User entities.
AnonymousUser::label public function Provides the anonymous user name for consistency with User entities.
AnonymousUser::$name public property
AnonymousUser::$roles public property
AnonymousUser::$uid public property
AnonymousUser::uri public function Provides the anonymous user URI for consistency with User entities.