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Namesort descending Location Description
views_ui_admin_bar_map modules/admin_bar/ Implements hook_admin_bar_map() on behalf of Views UI module.
views_ui_admin_settings_advanced modules/views_ui/ Form builder for the advanced admin settings page.
views_ui_admin_settings_advanced_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for views_ui_admin_settings_advanced().
views_ui_admin_settings_basic modules/views_ui/ Form builder for the admin display defaults page.
views_ui_admin_settings_basic_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for views_ui_admin_settings_basic().
views_ui_ajax_form modules/views_ui/ Generic entry point to handle forms.
views_ui_ajax_forms modules/views_ui/
views_ui_ajax_get_form modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Menu callback; handles AJAX form submissions similar to ajax_form_callback(), but can be used for uncached forms.
views_ui_ajax_update_form modules/views_ui/ Updates a part of the add view form via AJAX.
views_ui_analysis modules/views_ui/ Format an analysis message.
views_ui_analyze_format_result modules/views_ui/ Format the analyze result into a message string.
views_ui_analyze_view modules/views_ui/ Analyze a review and return the results.
views_ui_analyze_view_form modules/views_ui/ Form constructor callback to display analysis information on a view
views_ui_analyze_view_form_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for views_ui_analyze_view_form
views_ui_autocomplete_tag modules/views_ui/ Page callback for views tag autocomplete
views_ui_autoload_info modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Implements hook_autoload_info().
views_ui_break_lock_confirm modules/views_ui/ Page to delete a view.
views_ui_break_lock_confirm_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler to break_lock a view.
views_ui_build_form_path modules/views_ui/ Create the menu path for one of our standard AJAX forms based upon known information about the form.
views_ui_build_form_state modules/views_ui/ Build up a $form_state object suitable for use with backdrop_build_form based on known information about a form.
views_ui_build_identifier modules/views_ui/ Build a form identifier that we can use to see if one form is the same as another. Since the arguments differ slightly we do a lot of spiffy concatenation here.
views_ui_build_preview modules/views_ui/
views_ui_cache_load modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Specialized menu callback to load a view and check its locked status.
views_ui_cache_set modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Specialized cache function to add a flag to our view, include an appropriate include, and cache more easily.
views_ui_clone_form modules/views_ui/ Form callback; Clone a view.
views_ui_clone_form_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for views_ui_clone_form().
views_ui_config_info modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Implements hook_config_info().
views_ui_config_item_extra_form modules/views_ui/ Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_item_extra_form_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_extra_form_validate modules/views_ui/ Validation handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_form modules/views_ui/ Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_item_form_add_group modules/views_ui/ Add a new group to the exposed filter groups.
views_ui_config_item_form_build_group modules/views_ui/ Override handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_config_item_form_expose modules/views_ui/ Override handler for views_ui_edit_display_form
views_ui_config_item_form_remove modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for removing an item from a view
views_ui_config_item_form_rescan modules/views_ui/ Submit hook to clear Backdrop's theme registry (thereby triggering a templates rescan).
views_ui_config_item_form_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_form_submit_temporary modules/views_ui/ A submit handler that is used for storing temporary items when using multi-step changes, such as ajax requests.
views_ui_config_item_form_validate modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_item_group_form modules/views_ui/ Form to config_item items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_item_group_form_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for configing group settings on a view.
views_ui_config_style_form modules/views_ui/ Form to config_style items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_style_form_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for configing new item(s) to a view.
views_ui_config_type_form modules/views_ui/ Form to config items in the views UI.
views_ui_config_type_form_submit modules/views_ui/ Submit handler for type configuration form
views_ui_contextual_links_suppress modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Sets a static variable for controlling whether contextual links are rendered.
views_ui_contextual_links_suppress_pop modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Decrements the views_ui_contextual_links_suppress() static variable.
views_ui_contextual_links_suppress_push modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Increments the views_ui_contextual_links_suppress() static variable.
views_ui_contextual_links_view_alter modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Implements hook_contextual_links_view_alter().
views_ui_custom_theme modules/views_ui/views_ui.module Impements hook_custom_theme()