Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
backdrop_is_nginx includes/ Checks whether Backdrop is running under Nginx.
backdrop_js_defaults includes/ Constructs an array of the defaults that are used for JavaScript items.
backdrop_json_decode includes/ Converts an HTML-safe JSON string into its PHP equivalent.
backdrop_json_decode_unicode includes/ Decode Unicode characters in JSON strings.
backdrop_json_deliver includes/ Packages and sends the result of a page callback to the browser as JSON.
backdrop_json_encode includes/ Converts a PHP variable into its JavaScript equivalent.
backdrop_json_format includes/ Format a string of JSON for older versions of PHP.
backdrop_json_output includes/ Returns data in JSON format.
backdrop_language_initialize includes/ Initializes all the defined language types.
backdrop_load includes/ Includes a file with the provided type and name.
backdrop_load_backends includes/ Find and load all files for the requested backend type.
backdrop_load_database_driver includes/ Returns all supported database installer objects that are compiled into PHP.
_backdrop_load_stylesheet includes/ Loads stylesheets recursively and returns contents with corrected paths.
backdrop_load_stylesheet includes/ Loads the stylesheet and resolves all @import commands.
backdrop_load_stylesheet_content includes/ Processes the contents of a stylesheet for aggregation.
backdrop_load_updates includes/ Loads .install files for installed modules to initialize the update system.
_backdrop_log_error includes/ Logs a PHP error or exception and displays an error page in fatal cases.
backdrop_lookup_path includes/ Given an alias, return its Backdrop system URL if one exists. Given a Backdrop system URL return one of its aliases if such a one exists. Otherwise, return FALSE.
backdrop_mail includes/ Composes and optionally sends an e-mail message.
backdrop_mail_system includes/ Returns an object that implements the MailSystemInterface interface.
_backdrop_maintenance_theme includes/ Sets up the theming system for maintenance page.
backdrop_maintenance_theme includes/ Enables use of the theme system without requiring database access.
backdrop_map_assoc includes/ Forms an associative array from a linear array.
backdrop_match_path includes/ Check if a path matches any pattern in a set of patterns.
backdrop_merged_modules includes/ Returns an array of modules that have been merged into Backdrop core.
backdrop_mkdir includes/ Creates a directory using Backdrop's default mode.
backdrop_move_uploaded_file includes/ Moves an uploaded file to a new location.
backdrop_not_found includes/ Delivers a "page not found" error to the browser.
backdrop_override_server_variables includes/ Sets appropriate server variables needed for command line scripts to work.
backdrop_page_create_cache includes/ Create a page cache object for a page request.
backdrop_page_footer includes/ Performs end-of-request tasks.
backdrop_page_get_cache includes/ Retrieves the current page from the cache.
backdrop_page_header includes/ Sets HTTP headers in preparation for a page response.
backdrop_page_is_cacheable includes/ Determines the cacheability of the current page.
backdrop_page_save_cache includes/ Save a page cache entry to the cache.
backdrop_page_set_cache Deprecated includes/ Stores the current page in the cache.
backdrop_parse_dependency includes/ Parses a dependency for comparison by backdrop_check_incompatibility().
backdrop_parse_info_file includes/ Parses Backdrop module and theme .info files.
backdrop_parse_info_format includes/ Parses data in Backdrop's .info format.
_backdrop_parse_response_status includes/ Split an HTTP response status line into components.
backdrop_parse_url includes/ Parses a system URL string into an associative array suitable for url().
backdrop_path_initialize includes/ Initialize the $_GET['q'] variable to the proper normal path.
backdrop_placeholder includes/ Formats text for emphasized display in a placeholder inside a sentence.
backdrop_prepare_form includes/ Prepares a structured form array.
backdrop_pre_render_conditional_comments includes/ Pre-render callback: Renders #browsers into #prefix and #suffix.
backdrop_pre_render_dropbutton includes/ Pre-render callback: Attaches the dropbutton library and required markup.
backdrop_pre_render_link includes/ Pre-render callback: Renders a link into #markup.
backdrop_pre_render_links includes/ Pre-render callback: Collects child links into a single array.
backdrop_pre_render_markup includes/ Pre-render callback: Appends contents in #markup to #children.
backdrop_pre_render_scripts includes/ #pre_render callback to add the elements needed for JavaScript tags to be rendered.