Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
backdrop_get_library includes/ Retrieves information for a JavaScript/CSS library.
backdrop_get_logo includes/ Gets the site logo.
backdrop_get_logo_info includes/ Gets the path and dimensions of the site wide logo.
backdrop_get_messages includes/ Returns all messages that have been set with backdrop_set_message().
backdrop_get_normal_path includes/ Given a path alias, return the internal path it represents.
backdrop_get_path includes/ Returns the path to a system item (module, theme, etc.).
backdrop_get_path_alias includes/ Given an internal Backdrop path, return the alias set by the administrator.
backdrop_get_private_key includes/ Ensures the private key variable used to generate tokens is set.
backdrop_get_profile includes/ Gets the name of the currently active installation profile.
backdrop_get_query_array includes/ Splits a URL-encoded query string into an array.
backdrop_get_query_parameters includes/ Processes a URL query parameter array to remove unwanted elements.
backdrop_get_schema includes/ Gets the schema definition of a table, or the whole database schema.
backdrop_get_schema_unprocessed includes/ Returns the unprocessed and unaltered version of a module's schema.
backdrop_get_schema_versions includes/ Returns an array of available schema versions for a module.
backdrop_get_title includes/ Gets the title of the current page.
backdrop_get_token includes/ Generates a token based on $value, the user session, and the private key.
backdrop_get_updaters includes/ Assembles the Backdrop Updater registry.
backdrop_get_user_timezone includes/ Returns the time zone of the current user.
backdrop_goto includes/ Sends the user to a different page.
backdrop_goto_deprecated includes/ A wrapper function for deprecated menu entries redirecting to their new path.
backdrop_group_css includes/ Grouping callback: Groups CSS items by their types, media, and browsers.
backdrop_group_js includes/ Default callback to group JavaScript items.
backdrop_hash_base64 includes/ Calculates a base-64 encoded, URL-safe sha-256 hash.
backdrop_hmac_base64 includes/ Calculates a base-64 encoded, URL-safe sha-256 hmac.
backdrop_html_class includes/ Prepares a string for use as a valid class name.
backdrop_html_id includes/ Prepares a string for use as a valid HTML ID and guarantees uniqueness.
_backdrop_html_to_mail_urls includes/ Keeps track of URLs and replaces them with placeholder tokens.
backdrop_html_to_text includes/ Transforms an HTML string into plain text, preserving its structure.
_backdrop_html_to_text_clean includes/ Replaces non-quotation markers from a given piece of indentation with spaces.
_backdrop_html_to_text_pad includes/ Pads the last line with the given character.
backdrop_http_build_query includes/ Parses an array into a valid, rawurlencoded query string.
backdrop_http_header_attributes includes/ Formats an attribute string for an HTTP header.
backdrop_http_request includes/ Performs an HTTP request.
_backdrop_http_use_proxy includes/ Helper function for determining hosts excluded from needing a proxy.
backdrop_implode_tags includes/ Implodes an array of tags into a string.
backdrop_installation_attempted includes/ Returns TRUE if a Backdrop installation is currently being attempted.
backdrop_install_config_directories includes/ Creates the config directory and ensures it is operational.
backdrop_install_mkdir includes/ Creates a directory with the specified permissions.
backdrop_install_profile_distribution_name includes/ Loads the installation profile, extracting its defined distribution name.
backdrop_install_schema includes/ Creates all tables defined in a module's hook_schema().
backdrop_install_system includes/ Installs the system module.
_backdrop_invalid_token_set_form_error includes/ Helper function to call form_set_error() if there is a token error.
backdrop_is_ajax includes/ Detects if this is an AJAX HTTP request.
backdrop_is_apache includes/ Checks whether Backdrop is running under Apache.
backdrop_is_background includes/ Stores if Backdrop is currently being executed in the background.
backdrop_is_cli includes/ Detects whether the current script is running in a command-line environment.
backdrop_is_dialog includes/ Detects if this is a dialog HTTP request.
backdrop_is_front_page includes/ Check if the current page is the front page.
backdrop_is_html includes/ Detects if this is an HTML HTTP request.
backdrop_is_https includes/ Checks whether an HTTPS request is being served.