Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Type Namespacesort descending Location Description
DatabaseStatementPrefetch class includes/database/ An implementation of DatabaseStatementInterface that prefetches all data.
SearchQuery class modules/search/ Do a query on the full-text search index for a word or words.
DatabaseTransaction class includes/database/ A wrapper class for creating and managing database transactions.
NoFieldsException class includes/database/ Exception thrown if an insert query doesn't specify insert or default fields.
DatabaseTransactionCommitFailedException class includes/database/ Exception thrown when a commit() function fails.
DatabaseConnection abstract class includes/database/ Base Database API class.
DatabaseStatementEmpty class includes/database/ Empty implementation of a database statement.
DatabaseStatementBase class includes/database/ Default implementation of DatabaseStatementInterface.
views_plugin_display_page class modules/views/plugins/ The plugin that handles a full page.
BackdropWebTestCaseCache class modules/simpletest/backdrop_web_test_case_cache.php Class for setting up a full installation profile for caching purposes.
views_plugin_display_block class modules/views/plugins/ The plugin that handles a block.
views_handler_field_numeric class modules/views/handlers/ Render a field as a numeric value
views_handler_filter_numeric class modules/views/handlers/ Simple filter to handle greater than/less than filters
views_plugin_style_rss class modules/views/plugins/ Default style plugin to render an RSS feed.
views_plugin_query class modules/views/plugins/ Object used to create a SELECT query.
views_plugin_display_feed class modules/views/plugins/ The plugin that handles a feed, such as RSS or atom.
views_plugin_pager class modules/views/plugins/ The base plugin to handle pager.
views_plugin_pager_full class modules/views/plugins/ The plugin to handle full pager.
views_plugin_style_summary_jump_menu class modules/views/plugins/ The default style plugin for summaries.
views_plugin_cache class modules/views/plugins/ The base plugin to handle caching.
views_plugin_exposed_form_input_required class modules/views/plugins/ Exposed form plugin that provides an exposed form with required input.
views_plugin_display_attachment class modules/views/plugins/ The plugin that handles an attachment display.
views_plugin_style_table class modules/views/plugins/ Style plugin to render each item as a row in a table.
view class modules/views/includes/ An object to contain all of the data to generate a view, plus the member functions to build the view query, execute the query and render the output.
views_object class modules/views/includes/ Basic definition for many views objects.
views_handler_field_date class modules/views/handlers/ A handler to provide proper displays for dates.
views_handler_field_math class modules/views/handlers/ Render a mathematical expression as a numeric value
views_handler_field_bulk_form class modules/views/handlers/ Defines a actions-based bulk operation form element.
views_handler_argument_numeric class modules/views/handlers/ Basic argument handler for arguments that are numeric. Incorporates break_phrase.
views_handler_filter_fields_compare class modules/views/handlers/
views_handler_filter_date class modules/views/handlers/ Filter to handle dates stored as a timestamp.
views_handler_area_result class modules/views/handlers/ Views area handler to display some configurable result summary.
views_handler_filter_string class modules/views/handlers/ Basic textfield filter to handle string filtering commands including equality, like, not like, etc.
views_handler_argument_string class modules/views/handlers/ Basic argument handler to implement string arguments that may have length limits.
views_handler_filter_entity_bundle class modules/views/handlers/ Filter class which allows to filter by certain bundles of an entity.
views_handler_field_links class modules/views/handlers/ Provides a handler that adds a field of links.
views_handler_filter_combine class modules/views/handlers/ Filter handler which allows to search on multiple fields.
views_handler_sort class modules/views/handlers/ Base sort handler that has no options and performs a simple sort.
DatabaseLog class includes/database/ Database query logger.
BackdropDatabaseCache class drivers/cache_database/ Defines a default cache implementation.
DatabaseConnection_mysql class drivers/database_mysql/
views_plugin_argument_validate_user class modules/user/views/ Validate whether an argument is a valid user.
views_handler_field_user_picture class modules/user/views/ Field handler to provide simple renderer that allows using a themed user link.
views_handler_filter_user_name class modules/user/views/ Filter handler for usernames.
UserViewsHandlerFieldNameTest class modules/user/tests/user_views_handler_field_name.test Tests the field username handler.
UserPasswordResetTest class modules/user/tests/user_password_reset.test
UserViewsTestCase class modules/user/tests/user_views.test Tests basic user module integration into views.
ViewsUiNodeViewsWizard class modules/views_ui/wizards/views_ui_node_views_wizard.php Tests creating node views with the wizard.
views_plugin_argument_default_taxonomy_tid class modules/taxonomy/views/ Taxonomy tid default argument.
views_handler_argument_term_node_tid_depth class modules/taxonomy/views/ Argument handler for taxonomy terms with depth.